Tora Brava is the mythic adventurer, navigating the superstar life as if through a waking dream of shining bravado and future-glam style. A creature of myth, a force of nature, she is an artist who brings her own brand of pop flavor to the song, the look, the story of who she is and the parallel worlds she came from. Born in Seoul, Korea, raised everywhere between Panama and New York City, Tora is strictly a citizen of the world. She's an avid traveler and performer always making her appearances in future-glam, future-shock style with a nod to her heroes of music and movies past, such as David Bowie, Julie Andrews and Elvis.
Having released her first album at the age of 19 on John Zorn's label Tzadik, Tora first gained attention as the founder of the band Xtatika, whose debut record Tongue Bath received critical praise for being addictively poppy while being firmly experimental in its postmodern rock/korean driving percussion hybrid sound. She went on to tour northeast US and then Europe with Xtatika. After going solo, in 2008 she was invited to play Mexico and in 2009 was invited to tour Japan and Korea, all without an official agent, manager or label. She's lived different lives as an independent performance artist and songwriter who truly has followed her creative call without looking back.
Tora Brava has released three EPs since her Xtatika days and electrified international audiences playing her all-original tunes from electronic dance pop, gothic noir-wave, to straight-up rock. Upon listening to her songs, from the hypnotic dance-pop styling's of "Escape from Wonderland", to the hauntingly catchy guitar- and piano-driven rock of "Life Under Ether", the listener gets a sense that the vibe still shouts Tora Brava from the mountaintops. Even non-English-speaking audiences sing fervently along at her shows, as Tora Brava's songs about love have a universal appeal that can be described as Taylor Swift meets Lady Gaga inside a Beatles rock-opera.
If there is an artist to traverse the gaps and oceans between nations and markets, Tora is the one to do it. With her brand of stage passion, the audience gets a stunning display of her myriad talents at every show. Tora Brava brings her downtown New York performance art chops and unique voice to the stage lacking in no detail down to her signature catsuit. Indeed she is a performer who gives 200% at every show, and for every breathless performance she gains another army of fans. Tora Brava is currently based in Los Angeles with a focus on film and television. Visit her updated site at